Two interactive working days for GINEVRA in Bialystok

On 13th and 14th June 2023, the GINEVRA consortium met in person for the very first time in Bialystok (PL), hosted by the partner City of Bialystok at the Bialystok Science and Technology Park.

This meeting was the occasion for partners to start getting to know each other, their expertise, and expectations from the project. They could also learn more about Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), multi-level governance of transformative innovation and AV readiness and governance, thanks to masterclasses run by expert partners CISE, EMFIE, HARFA, TU Wien and ALDA+.


The 2-days were organised in a fully interactive format, with partners working in pairs, trios, and groups, to share ideas and cocreate concepts and assumptions laying the foundations for subsequent project work.


There is a lot of work ahead, but with such a great project start and motivated project team, Resolvo is really looking forward to support Lead Partner CISE and GINEVRA partners in project development!