Quality policy


Resolvo quality policy represents the company vision, in all intents and purposes, and is the framework that defines all company strategies.

In this context, Resolvo is committed to:

  • pursuing, both in internal organisation and commissions, the objectives of responsibility and sustainability;
  • hiring highly competent personnel and guaranteeing a high standard of quality of working life;
  • using its know-how to enhance market value;
  • devoting close attention to understanding expectations and needs of the market;
  • operating with a view to pursuing maximum satisfaction of customers’ needs and expectations;
  • valuing inputs from partners and suppliers equally, as a means to improve quality of services provided;
  • constantly monitoring company performance, using relevant indicators as a basis for continuous improvement and development of future strategies;
  • working with stakeholders, as a strategic and reliable partner;
  • deliver digital services by committing to the international Digital Corporate Responsibility (CDR) manifesto.

This policy is checked periodically, in correspondence with reviews of the quality system and in the case of significant changes in the organisation, in order to assess its continuous coherence.