European projects


Cooperation across Europe

In Europe, Resolvo works with local authorities, development agencies, companies, research institutes and associations to develop cooperation projects with European Commission funding.

For the 2014-2020 period, Resolvo works mainly on the following programmes: Horizon 2020 (H2020) for research projects (Research and Innovation, SME Innovation and SME instrument, Coordination and Support Actions); programmes for interregional (INTERREG Europe) and transnational cooperation (Central Europe, Adriatic Ionian, Danube, MED).

Resolvo is getting ready for the next programming period, where they will support you with the presentation and management of proposals on Horizon Europe and the new generation of territorial cooperation.

Resolvo can offer its clients support in all the various project phases. Our team has over 15 years of experience in this sector, an excellent success rate and fluent knowledge of English, Italian, French and Spanish.

Our services:

Finding the funding

Resolvo can identify the right funding opportunity, by analysing the project proposal and the needs of the client. We evaluate the level of innovation and the relevance to the specific requirements of each call.

Creating the partnership

Resolvo’s partner searches, among public and private actors, cover a reliable network of contacts carefully built up over the past 15 years. Through our own contacts and working in partnership with others, we cover the whole of the EU and beyond.

Writing the proposal

Resolvo can structure and write your project, either by bringing together partner input or by writing it ourselves. We can prepare your budget and your logical framework. We can take care of all the technical and administrative activities, including official submission through the EU’s on-line services.We can provide an informal evaluation of the complete project proposal, on the basis of the criteria of each specific call.

Follow-up and project negotiation

Resolvo can monitor the evaluation phase through our network of contacts in Brussels. We can manage the negotiation phase, helping you to prepare any integrations requested by the EU and taking part in meetings where necessary. We can offer technical and administrative support and advice on contracts and IP regimes.

Managing the project

Resolvo can structure your project management system. We can help you with administrative reporting and reviews. We can design and implement your project monitoring system, including deadline alerts and general supervision. We can help you to organise project meetings and make sure that they run smoothly. We can manage contact with partners and funding bodies. Resolvo can provide input to core project activities, both in terms of structure and content.


Resolvo can help you to understand EU regulations and accounting documentation. We can provide support in financial monitoring, budget modifications, preparation for audits and necessary integrations.

The results achieved

European projects


Funding Obtained

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Financing Managed

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