Smartfense is a simple, effective cyber security training solution: an internationally recognised SaaS platform offering training and awareness raising to promote safe behaviour in users.

Do you know what the weak link is when it comes to cyber-attacks? Not the software nor the hardware…it’s the people!

That’s where Smartfense comes in. With low-cost, but effective investments, Smartfense complements larger investments in technology by enhancing employee awareness and skills.

The platform offers a wide range of interactive content covering specific real-life scenarios generates reports to certify course attendance and provides tools to test the user’s understanding.

The Smartfense modules are designed for a non-expert audience and provide insights that are useful both in business and in personal life. Training programmes are carefully designed to create familiarity with the topic to build up knowledge gradually and to stimulate interest.

What does the platform offer?

  • Awareness, training and knowledge consolidation thanks to modules, videos, newsletters and exams
  • Phishing and Ransomware simulations
  • Assessment tools to monitor results
  • Audit, compliance and reporting

Resolvo runs Smartfense training modules in Italian, switch to our Italian page to learn more about the platform and to request a quote.