Resolvo can provide communication support to individual clients and project consortia. We can develop your communication plan, design and manage communication tools and websites, and organise multi-lingual events at local and international level.

Developing Communication Plans

Resolvo develops professional communication plans for publically funded projects. Our personalised plans and strategies include:
  •  the definition of target audiences, communication messages and channels
  •  the visual identity
  •  detailed actions and engagement methods, with costs and expected results
  •  monitoring indicators (measuring outputs, reach and levels of satisfaction)

Designing and managing web tools

Resolvo develops web sites for publically funded projects, using WordPress®. Resolvo can also create and manage social network accounts.


The dynamic and modern websites designed and managed by Resolvo:

  •  ensure compliance with all funding programme requirements (where applicable)
  •  are regularly updated, mapping project activities and results
  •  address expert audiences and the general public
  •  use the most up to date templates and include specific plugins for security and speed optimisation
Some examples:

Developing communication material

Resolvo can create a corporate identity for projects and a range of communication products (i.e. Adobe Creative Suite®): videos, leaflets, brochures, publications and gadgets.

Taking videos as an example, Resolvo:

  • drafts the story board in cooperation with the client, adapting the message depending on the target audience
  • works with professional videos makers
  • supervises the editing phase

Here are the videos for kids developed for the NEOROCKS project to explain Near Earth Asteroids in a fun but scientifically accurate way …have a look!

Organising events

In person or online? Resolvo organises local and international events: from small group seminars, to conferences with hundreds of participants.

Resolvo can offer a range of participative and facilitation techniques to ensure participants make the most out of the events. Working with a trusted network of suppliers, Resolvo manages all logistical and organisational activities, from venue selection, catering, audio-technical-visual support, interpreting, speaker identification and preparation of the agenda, save the date, invitations and registration, coordination at the location, session moderation and reporting.

Some examples of our largest events?

Here is what we did for the Energy Transition Event organised in Florence, in 2018. It brought together over 80 participants, representing 14 Interreg Europe projects working on energy related topics. An achievement that the funding Programme still remembers!

Here is what we organised for the final conference of the TRINNO project. It took place in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, when travelling and meeting people had become impossible. Virtual conferences were still a novelty, but with extensive research, testing and preparation, we found the right tools to bring people together.
  • Preparation, testing and management of the event web platform
  • Agenda preparation, speaker identification and pre-event preparation, content collection
  • Organisation of participative activities to shorten the distance…what better than a dance break?
  • Moderation of the working sessions and chats
  • Round up video with main conference outputs

Resolvo is registered on the Italian system for the product: Integrated event organisation and management.