RESOLVO, sponsor of the C3T team for the Cyber Challenge

Resolvo has been the proud sponsor of the C3T team, which participated in the training course and in the national competition that concluded the 2023 edition.

The competition was a Capture the Flag (CTF) attack-defence of the duration of 8 hours (1 hour study of vulnerable services and 7 hours of challenges). The competition involved saw the participation of 42 teams from all over Italy (40 universities and 2 military academies) with a total of 252 participants. The competition took place in Turin at the ITCILO United Nations campus.

Members of the C3T team were:

  • Leonardo Baragli (Computer Science, UNIFI)
  • Guglielmo Bartelloni (Computer Science, UNIFI)
  • Leonardo Corsini (Informatics, UNIFI)
  • Sergio Cibecchini (Informatics, UNIFI)
  • Giula Aloia (IV, ITS Tullio Buzzi, Prato)
  • Linli Xia (V, ITIS Galileo Galilei of Arezzo)

Resolvo looks forward to the 2024 edition to keep supporting students in this inspiring training programme on cyber security issues!