MAE takes off in Delft

On 24th and 25th May 2023, the MAE consortium met in person for the very first time in Delft (NL), hosted by the partner Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) at the Aerospace Innovation Hub…the perfect place for our project to take-off!

This meeting was the occasion for partners to start getting to know each other, their territorial contexts, policy instruments and challenges. They also started discussion on a model aerospace ecosystem for MAE and learned about how to adopt a Responsible Innovation (RI) approach to industrial transformation. This laid the foundations for all subsequent project work.

MAE partners also participated in four inspiring study visits to start-ups and other actors of the local aerospace innovation environment.

They started with SAM XL, a manufacturing automation expertise centre that forms a unique liaison between TU Delft faculties, the industry and suppliers, developing software and hardware to enhance the intelligence, connectivity and flexibility of industrial robots.

They then moved to the UNMANNED VALLEY, the ideal place for startups, scale-ups, established companies, knowledge institutions and governments to research, develop and test technologies and applications for drones.

The following stop was YES!DELFT, a leading tech incubator in Europe, whose team is proactively engaged in startups’ journey from inception to exit, to empower and enable founders to contribute to a better world.

Last but not least, MAE partners met with AERO DELFT, a student dream team of TU Delft with one mission: prove that emission-free aviation is possible by developing the world’s first manned liquid hydrogen-powered aircraft.

This was a great start for an exciting project, where Resolvo supports the Lead Partner CISE in management and coordination.

We are really looking forward to the next meeting in Nordland (NO) in October!