Tuscany Region: publication of the rankings of the Impresa Digitale 2023 call for tenders

Sviluppo Toscana has published the decree approving the rankings of the projects submitted under the Bando Impresa Digitale 2023, in its three categories:

On the basis of the available resources, the following projects were financed, in relation to the three categories of the Call:

  • Digital and Smart Enterprise: 252 projects admitted and funded (out of 389 submitted)
  • Digital and Sustainable Enterprise: 102 projects admitted and funded
  • Digital and Secure Enterprise: 59 projects admitted and funded

Overall, the resources are distributed as follows:

  • Digital & Smart: Euro 15,000,000.00,
  • Digital & Sustainable: Euro 3,956,035.80;
  • Digital & Secure: Euro 2,515,196.15;

For more information you can consult the text of the decree here or contact Resolvo!