TeamJanuary 26, 2024by Giada Nicotera

Happy birthday Resolvo!

Today Resolvo celebrates 15 years of activity!

European planning, concessional finance, support for European Territorial Cooperation programs, ICT consulting, communication… these are just some of the services offered over the years.

Resolvo has collaborated and continues to work with public administrations, agencies, companies, research bodies and associations at both national and European levels.

Resolvo has increased its team, which now has 14 employees and several external collaborators, and aims to grow even more.
Thanks to diversified and complementary skills in various fields, Resolvo is able to offer a 360° service, following its clients in all aspects of project management, whether it is cooperation projects financed through European Commission programs or industrial research, experimental development and innovation projects for companies and research organizations.

And that’s not all! Resolvo also specializes in digital liability and cybersecurity, with new projects and products for awareness and VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test) services…