October 10, 2018by Jessica Huntingford

TANIA, Ariadne’s thread leading us out of the nanoremediation labyrinth

TANIA was in Crete, the cradle of mythology, to understand together how to face the challenge of remediating contamination through innovative processes and techniques.

Our partners took part in 2 days of interregional exchange on potential application of novel remediation techniques to clean contaminated soil and water. We learned about examples of remediation in Crete, an island blessed with beauty and history, but rested by the impact of mass tourism and waste.

We discussed solutions to the challenges of applying novel remediation techniques, solutions ranging from risk assessment guidelines, to collaborative research projects, to experimental stations to test and validate new techniques.

We shared ideas about how to develop plans that put into actions real changes to policy that could support uptake of innovative remediation techniques and, thus, better environmental conditions. Our 3-step methodology towards the Action Plan is the thread that leads us through this complicated maze.

Partners head home from this beautiful island ready for our next steps: bilateral exchange on solutions, cooperation with the regional actors that play a part in the remediation process and actions to translate exchange into action.

Photo by Benjamin Elliott on Upsplash.