October 8, 2018by Sara Banchi

Ready for a Cybersecurity autumn?

During the summer, the partners of the CYBER project met for the first time in Rennes (FR) to kick off their interregional learning activities. Partners took part in participative sessions and interesting study visits to innovative Breton companies working in the cybersecurity sector. They are now eager to keep sharing and learning in order to develop better regional and national cybersecurity ecosystems.

Looking ahead, the autumn will be busy thanks to events organised all around Europe.

The first one is scheduled in Tuscany. A Cyber Day that will be organised in Pisa on 12/10 in the framework of the Internet Festival 2018 to present the R&D work of the CNR CybersecurityLab. During the event, a web portal dedicated to increasing awareness and skills of citizens and businesses will be presented.

The second event, foreseen in Castilla y León on 23-24/10, is 12ENISE, an international meeting on information security that will focus on Cybersecurity: a pillar for digital transformation. Two key moments will address businesses: an international forum for companies and start-ups and a Trade show.

Finally, Brittany region is organising their European Cyber Week, a major gathering key cyber experts and regional, national and European stakeholders. One interesting session of the event will be dedicated to the Cyber Valley with European regions at the forefront of cybersecurity. Furthermore, a “capture the flag” challenge for students will be launched thanks to the cooperation of the Pôle d’excellence cyber, Brittany region, Airbus and Thales. The challenge takes place in the following scenario: a note from an intelligence agency reveals that a global organisation would plan to disturb the networks of several big smart cities through their software vulnerabilities…participants are expected to work hard to win!

All the above, while waiting for the 2nd CYBER meeting, to be held in Tallin (Estonia), a key player when it comes to digitalisation and cybersecurity.

Resolvo facilitates the interregional exchange activities of CYBER, supports project coordination and shares with partners their great interest in the development of the cybersecurity sector in both Tuscany and Europe. Stay tuned for more on this!

Photo by Ilya Pavlov on Unsplash