October 5, 2018by Sara Banchi

SET-UP in London

The SET-UP partners met in London for a very productive project meeting organised by Leicester City Council. Partners took very seriously their role in the peer review sessions and helped their colleagues to refine their Action Plan for policy improvement. Challenging questions in a cooperative environment made the sessions extremely useful.

As the end of the interregional learning phase is approaching, partners participated in a brainstorming on communication messages to talk about results, milestones and personal perceptions about the project.

The workshop organised by Regen SW represented a unique opportunity to learn about local flexibility markets, blockchain based business models, domestic energy storage and smart meters, with speakers from the following companies: Smart Energy GB, Moixa, Electron, Repowering London and Piclo.

The visit at Octopus energy that provides an energy supply offer based on the use of green electricity, with agile tariffs, was inspiring and opened up new perspectives for partners…And to end an already busy day, what better than learning about the new electric black cabs?