Interreg Europe: TANIA project – TreAting contamination through NanoremedIAtion

Resolvo is part of the management team of TANIA– TreAting contamination through NanoremedIAtion, a project funded by the INTERREG EUROPE programme for interregional cooperation.

TANIA runs from 1 January 2017 and last for 5 years, divided into a 3 year exchange phase and 2 years of implementation.

TANIA brings together 8 partners from 5 European regions. These partners have identified the potential of using new materials and clean technology to address the environmental and economic problem of contaminated soil and water. Using interregional exchange and stakeholder engagement, TANIA looks at how to improve public policy to support the application of nanoremediation.

Resolvo supports the project coordinator, the Agency for the development of the Empolese Valdelsa (ASEV), in project management. Activities include: planning and monitoring of activities, internal management and communication procedures, organisation of meetings, technical and financial reporting, planning and supervision of events, contribution to project content.

Resolvo also supported ASEV in the preparation of the project application.