Corporate Digital Responsibility in 10 Tuscan SMEs

In 2020, the Regional Government of Tuscany published the call “Digital Micro-Innovation for Enterprises” providing funding in the form of vouchers for Tuscan Micro and Small Enterprises (MSMEs) to contract support services to encourage digital innovation processes.

Resolvo has long committed to supporting corporate responsibility practices, and has now decided to participate in 10 projects providing support services for organisational change connected to digitalisation.

These are the 10 companies involved in the innovation projects:

MemEx Srl, Bird Control Italy Srl, Mecoil Diagnosi Meccaniche Srl, Firlab Srl, Sistemi I.C.T. Srl, DIGAR Srl, 3F Consulting Srl, greenApes Srl, Secur Control Srl, Airportsafety Srl.

In this context, Resolvo seized the opportunity to introduce the concept of Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR). Linked to a specific digitalisation project in the company, the service was designed to increase overall understanding of the concept and a set of recommendations on how to integrate CDR elements into their internal organisation.

The 10 participating companies had requested funding to support organisational change in connection to digitalisation initiatives developing demonstrators or pilot solutions in the field of:

  • Horizontal/vertical integration (company sectors: mechanical machine maintenance; electronic invoicing and e-payments);
  • Cybersecurity platforms (company sectors: engineering and technical/system assistance);
  • Artificial Intelligence (company sectors: airport security; social network);
  • Cloud computing (company sectors: airport security; agro-food; compliance / regulatory certification; software development – block chain / human resource management).

For each service, activities included a series of participative meetings between the companies and Resolvo, backed-up with some interactive tools.

The results of these meetings and tools were used to elaborate recommendations on internal policies to adopt to introduce CDR into procedures for organisational change and digitalisation and a risk analysis of cyber security concerns. The recommendations were shared with the company during a final round up meeting.

At project conclusion, the reaction of the companies to the concept of CDR and the recommendations were extremely favourable. They felt that the service had increased awareness on the concept and how it can be integrated into new organisational procedures. They recognised its potential in terms of social sustainability, responsiveness to stakeholder needs, cost reduction and increased market competitiveness. The issue of cyber security sparked particular interest, demonstrating a direct link between critical data management and the socio-economic impact of digital technologies.

And you, how much do you know about CDR? For more information and to find out together what Resolvo can do for you, contact us here!

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash