Resolvo and Corporate Digital Responsibility

Those of you that know us, know that we are always looking to put responsibility at the heart of our organisation and our projects. Since the start, over 13 years ago now, we have worked on projects and processes related to Responsible Business and Responsible Research and Innovation.

In this new era of digitalisation, it becomes a must to focus on responsible use of digital technology and data, neatly summed up as Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR).

We’ve been reading up on it for a while, studying, testing ideas…We’ve been working with 10 micro-enterprises in Tuscany to introduce the concept and suggestions for practical organisational change. We’ve been developing a series of tools related to the pressing question of Cyber Security. We’ve even submitted an Interreg Europe proposal on the topic, but it’s too early in the evaluation process to talk about that – don’t want to tempt fate…!

But we have always thought that the only way to really take steps forward, to make sure that our knowledge and tools are always up to date and relevant, is to interact with other like-minded people. That’s why we decided to support the International CDR Manifesto.

This is a voluntary network of businesses and academics, who have developed the 7 principles of CDR (available in English and many other languages) and who work tirelessly to share knowledge and to contribute to international progress in this field.

Thanks to them, we were in Ivrea for the Italian CSR tour  and we came away with new ideas, new friends and practical input…how to reduce environmental impact of our website and email use…new measures for GDRP compliance for responsible use of personal data…Small, but important steps forward.

If you want to know more about CDR, have a look at the CDR International Manifesto or get in touch with us!