Resolvo obtained results on several Local and European Programmes, supporting hundreds of private and public clients

ROBOBUILD – Articulated robot with independent 3D-motion for precise positioning operations is a Project cofinanced by the MANUNET Project, the Regional Government of Tuscany (Italy) and the Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education R&D and Innovation (Romania).
The purpose of the project is to elaborate innovative algorithms for motion modelling, design multi-articulated systems for independent 3D motion, and develop a multi-articulated system prototype, for predefined precise positioning robots.
Within the project, Resolvo supports regional project coordinator Synthesis srl in international relationships and regional financial management in order to guarantee a smooth and efficient reporting of project expenditures within the deadlines foreseen. Resolvo support Synthesis srl in the preparation of detailed financial reports through: reporting documents preparation, checking of expenditures and documents, upload and submission on the regional online reporting system, evaluation of possible project changes and support in the preparation of official documents needed.
Furthermore, Resolvo is in charge of dissemination activities (web site, dissemination material).

Responsible Med – Regional Policies for Responsible Development: evaluation of CSR and economic performance in the MED area – is a 24 month project funded by the MED programme for territorial cooperation. Il Responsible Med will develop an evaluation tool to be used by SMEs to measure and verify the economic impact of CSR approaches in their business and by public authorities to better ensure that their CSR policies promote company competitiveness.