PROFUMO WORKSHOP: Meteorology and new services for navigation

On Thursday 31 March 2016, the Profumo Workshop will be held in Rome, in the headquarters of the Italian Space Agency (ASI), Via del Politecnico snc,

Profumo (Preliminary assessment of Route Optimisation for FUel Minimisation and safety of navigatiOn) is a feasibility study carried out by Vitrociset Belgium (coordinator), Consorzio LaMMA, Université catholique de Louvain e Forship, and co-funded by the ESA Artes 20 IAP programme.

The project, through a series of technological components, aims at reducing fuel consumption and emissions in the maritime transport and increasing the safety of people and goods. It offers a system that provides information about and along Mediterranean routes.

During the workshop, the technical and scientific results will be presented by a series of expert speakers. Visit the Consorzio Lamma website for registration and the workshop agenda.

Resolvo Srl supports Consorzio Lamma in the organisation of the event.