Resolvo certified ISO 9001:2015

We proudly announce that Resolvo Srl is now a company certified according to ISO 9001:2015, the most famous and widespread standard for quality management.

We chose ISO 9001 certification in order to equip the company with a working tool aimed at continuous and constant improvement, and to offer our partners and customers a further guarantee of the solid structure we have been developing since our foundation.

The principles of ISO 9001 certification reinforce what has always been the company’s quality policy, understood as: customer satisfaction and rationalisation of the organisation, synonymous with reliability and commitment to delivering an excellent service.

Resolvo’s Quality Management System applies to the following activities:

Development of international cooperation projects, technological innovation, research and development. Technical assistance to the entire project/programme cycle for private and public entities and managing authorities. Provision of technical consultancy in the field of IT security.”