Sailing down a responsible sea with MARIE in Kiel

Resolvo was in Kiel this week, fabulous marine hub in the North of Germany, for the MARIE project meeting and the Waterkant festival, yearly start up event in Schleswig Holstein.

Responsible innovation in funding for SMEs, in funding for Artificial Intelligence, in innovation fora. Ethical and environmental considerations in clean energy, in battery production (one of the priority sectors for our partners in Kiel, with their overproduction of clean, off-shore wind energy and nowhere to store it). Opportunities for young innovators to think about responsible start-ups. These are just some of the topics that we have been discussing over these two days.

And we were responsible by name and responsible by nature: low carbon transport to Waterkant with our bikes, a zero-waste, plastic fee festival, a low carbon hotel.

Heading back home, inspired and full of ideas!