Interregional Cooperation for Energy Transition – next week in Florence

When reading the newspaper or browsing the internet we often come across the term Energy Transition. Do we really know what it refers to? Why is it such a key topic?

Using this expression, experts refer to the shift from carbon fossil fuel towards renewable energy use. Such a process has an impact on all aspects of the economy and on everyday life. Let’s just think of transportation, building sites, organisation of production processes, consumer choices.

That’s the reason why Energy Transition has become a key priority at European level. Interreg Europe only, has funded more than 40 project proposals in its Low Carbon Priority Axis.

Tackling this topic is one of the challenges that our policy makers have to face. The budget is limited and the aspects to be considered are many. What are the most effective measures to fund? How to direct funds to maximise positive impact?

In this framework, why not using tools designed for business, where the objective is to maximise the investment?

Resolvo, thanks to its experience with companies and in European Territorial Cooperation projects, has decided to design a Business Case competition with the participation of 14 Interreg Europe projects focusing on Low Carbon.

The final objective is not to give a prize to the winner but to identify the best approach to support policy makers and stakeholders in the adoption of effective measures to move towards Energy Transition.

Who’s going to win? Let’s discover it in Florence on the 27th of June.