March 9, 2017by Miriam Siciliano

REBUS partners back to school!

Almost 12 months after the start of the project, REBUS partners are gathered together in Malmo (Sweden) in these days to assess the worked carried out so far after 1 year of project activities.

Through a “written exam” in the form of a self-evaluation assessment, they draw conclusions for the first year of activities. They are realising gains from the project and are committed to achieve more and take the most from this experience. In order to do so, they are keen to look ahead, set new objectives for the upcoming year and then made them SMARTER by thinking of concrete ways for their achievement.

They were also brought back to school thanks to the study visit organised to Lindeborg school where a new approach to energy use and school results has been experimented: LED-lighting and dynamic lighting variation (Human centric lighting) installed, which save approx. 50% of energy use and at the same time increase the school result.

To finish up with, partners are involved in an elevator pitch session where Good Practices are shared and they must be convincing!
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