March 15, 2017by Sara Banchi

ELISE – European LIfe Science Ecosystems – kick-off meeting!

Partners from 6 EU member States gathered in Germany for the kick-off meeting of the ELISE project. The event was co-hosted by the 2 German partners: Life Science Nord and BioCon Valley.

ELISE’s overall objective is to promote innovation driven regional competitiveness and wellbeing. This INTERREG EUROPE project focuses on LIfe Science Ecosystems and intends to improve 7 ERDF policy instruments.

Partners participated in sessions dedicated to understanding their regional contexts sharing information based on a set of keywords. This approach was used to start identifying strengths and weaknesses of their regional ecosystems.

The interregional event included study visits to Technik Zentrum Lübeck, University Medical Center Rostock (Institute for Biomedical Engineering) and INP Greifswald e.V.