January 18, 2019by Jessica Huntingford

A day of exchange: Italy, Finland, France

The TANIA project brought visitors from France (Grand Est) and Finland (Paijat-Hame) to Florence today for a day of exchange on different, practical solutions to support nanoremediation.

In the morning, our French partners came to learn about the SISBON system for classifying contaminated sites. They were hosted by ARPAT, regional environmental agency and discussed how SISBON could be replicated in Grand-Est.

In the afternoon, it was Tuscany’s turn to learn: French and Finnish partners shared their experiences in setting up and running experimental labs for environmental treatment of polluted land: GISFI in France and SOILIA in Finland. Could we see a lab like that being created in Tuscany? Let’s hope so!

Watch this space to see the next steps in TANIA!

Photo by Xuan Shang on Unsplash