TeamJanuary 28, 2019by Paolo Frosini

10 years of Resolvo!

Resolvo opened on the 26th of January 2009, hoping to contribute to a better world.

So far…in our humble opinion, we’ve done alright!

A complete list of everything we’ve done in these 10 years would be very long and complex. But we have records on the web, others in our memories and in yours.

Resolvo was created to solve problems…and that’s what we’ve done so far (and plan to keep doing!)

We have created value and wealth, more value than wealth but this our approach and we are not going to change it.

What kind of value? Some examples:
– 207 completed projects, most of them awarded on competitive European calls,
– 53 million Euro obtained for our clients, generating 120 million of total investment,
– most important, 818 well deserved, paid payslips and around 300 paid tax fees.

Congratulations to everybody, employees, partners, clients, suppliers and friends!

All of us contributed and we deserve to celebrate and toast!