SOLE-CUT chosen as Success Stories for MANUNET 2012!

The project SOLE-CUT Shape memOryaLloys for stonEmaChining and compUter aided Technology, led in Tuscany by Magenta srl, in partnership with Frosini Pietre srl, was evaluated at the European level, as a project to be included among the success stories of the call MANUNET 2012.

SOLE-CUT project, at Tuscan level, developed a monitoring system of stone cutting, exploiting machine vision. The system includes an analysis of the pattern of cooling water out of a saw, real-time detection of any faults and timely alarm signaling to a human operator. In addition to the provisions of the project, the partners have entered an experimental evaluation of the proper operation of the machine through the analysis of vibration the device itself produces, and the study of its harmonics. At European level, SOLE-CUT undertook a study of diamond cutting wires made of shape-memory alloys.

On 19 December 2014 the final workshop of the project was held at the Frosini Pietre. The seminar was attended by another Tuscan project (MIDA project) funded on MANUNET 2012 call.

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