CYBER NIGHT: Tuscany Region and its Capture the Flag challenge

The CYBER project foresees the organisation of Cyber Nights in all partners’ regions. Inspired by the Breton BreizhCTF, they bring together a technical challenge and a dissemination event. The aim is to involve all the stakeholders active in the cybersecurity ecosystems and to raise awareness on the topic. Castilla y Leon (ES), Estonia and Slovenia have already organised their successful events.

And now…the Tuscan Cyber Night is coming!

Today, on Wednesday the 16th of June at 11:00, a presentation event and press conference will be held with the participation of the President of the Regional Government of Tuscany, Eugenio Giani, the Regional Minister for Digital Infrastructures, Information systems and e-government, Stefano Ciuoffo, and the Universities/Research institutes representing the Regional Competence Centre on Cybersecurity (C3T). The press conference, in Italian, will be streamed at this link.

On Saturday the 19th the challenge will be launched. The competition is an online Capture the Flag – CTF challenge, a cybersecurity-oriented game in which teams or individuals compete in finding as many vulnerabilities as possible in deliberately vulnerable software and systems. The CTF will be open from 10am to 10pm, allowing each participant to compete whenever they wish throughout the day. In order to contribute to the celebration of 700 years since Dante’s death, the story board of the challenges was built around the life and works of Dante himself. Discover more on the rules & the organisers and register for free here!

Since the preparation phase in 2017, Resolvo has provided support for the coordination of the CYBER project, working with the Lead partner Bretagne Development Innovation (FR), with Tuscany Region and the other 7 partners. In the framework of the Tuscan Cyber Night Resolvo supports the event contributing to the prizes that will be awarded to participants by the organisers.