December 12, 2018by Jessica Huntingford

What do Nicolau Nasoni and the NMP-REG project have in common?

In 1725, Nasoni came from Tuscany to Porto, bringing the Baroque style and transforming the city landscape. In 2018, NMP-REG came from Tuscany, and other European regions, to Porto. Ok, you’re right, we might not have such a huge impact as Nasoni, but we had a great interregional learning event and we hope that out project will too leave its mark.

NMP-REG partners are finalising their Action Plans, with a range of proposals for how to improve their public policy in the field of technology transfer of new and advanced materials. During the meeting, held on the 10th – 11th December, we heard about their plans and not only. We also gathered input and ideas from six other Interreg Europe projects: S34Growth, EIS, Innobridge, Innova-FI, MONITORIS3 and INNO INFRA SHARE

We covered a lot in a short time: the action plans, monitoring systems for RIS3, innovative financial instruments, our project recommendations. This was interregional exchange at its best. Now full speed ahead to finalise the design and construction of the Action Plans and to prepare for their implementation.

Photo by Héctor J. Rivas on Unsplash