Control tower to MAE: runway cleared for takeoff in Forlì

On 17th and 18th April, the third MAE interregional event took place, hosted by the lead partner CISE and the Municipality of Forlì.


MAE partners aligned themselves on the results from the mapping activity of their aerospace and aviation ecosystems, also proposing a first set of good practices for the transition of SMEs towards such sectors.

Following the exchange, partners visited the CIRI aeropace centre, where they could visit the control station for several artificial satellites used for research projects, together with the labs where drones are designed and developed for experimentations and spin-off activities. The first day concluded with an awarding ceremony by the association Euravia for aerospace projects, which put in direct contact MAE partners with the awarded students.

The following day the exchange continued deepening the activities run in the Emilia-Romagna region through its clusters Innovate, Create e Mech, discovering the multiple cross-sectoral implications for upstream and downstream in the aerospace supply chain.

Resolvo joined the study visits and supported the interregional exchange during the meeting, highlighting the criteria for sharing good practices according to the Programme rules and planning the future project management assignments.

The next landing will take place in Ennis (Ireland) in October.