POR CreO 2014-2020: Resolvo-Invest project


Duration: January 2020 – May 2022

Call: Fondo investimenti Toscana – POR FESR Regione Toscana 2014-20

Budget: 65,742.29 €

RESOLVO is beneficiary of the “Resolvo-INVEST” project, co-financed by Tuscany Region “POR-CReO FESR 2014 – 2020” funds, under Action 3.1.1. sub-action 3.1.1a3), Call for Aid aimed at containing and combating the epidemiological emergency COVID-19 – Call for Investment Fund.

Objective of the project

The RESOLVO-INVEST project was aimed at implementing solutions for the digitisation of business processes, a fundamental activity for responding to the needs and economic and social changes resulting from the COVID-19 health emergency.

Most of the investments made were aimed at expanding the company’s hardware and software tools. In particular, in addition to the purchase of IT equipment, the focus of the project was the implementation of a cloud-based software for virtualised and shared access to an integrated system to support business process management (ERP) and customer management (CRM).


The role of Resolvo

In addition, RESOLVO invested in computer security software, and in personal protective equipment and sanitisation necessary to facilitate a safe resumption of operations at the company’s headquarters.

Total investment: € 65.742,29

Total contribution granted: € 32.889,74