2015: a strategic year!

2015 will see the launch of almost all programmes within 2014-2020 European Territorial Cooperation.
The fifth programming period invested in over 100 cooperation programmes that will open a call during 2015:
– 1 interregional co-operation programme and 3 networking programmes
– 15 Transnational programmes
– 60 Cross-border programmes, 12 IPA programmes and 16 ENI programmes

In 2015 many ERDF and ESF Operational Programmes will be adopted in Europe.
By the end of the year hundreds of calls will be launched at regional level to support companies, no-profit, public bodies and research organisations.

During 2015 Horizon 2020, after a set-up period, will carry on financing research and innovation in Europe.
Tens of calls will be opened from winter to autumn.

Do not hesitate to choose the right opportunity and join the European competition, that we really love!

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