WInspect – Textile web inspection framework

WInspect – Textile web inspection framework

WInspect – Textile Web Inspection Framework, is a project co-financed by the CrossTexNet Project, the Regional Government of Tuscany (Italy), Tubitak – the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, and Centrul National de Management Program (Romania).

Automatic inspection in the textile sector is difficult and costly due to the variety of materials, possible defects in these materials, and finally to the range of cameras and devices that can be used for quality control.

Aim of WInspect is to develop an inspection system which enables real time defect detection in textile using image processing techniques.
The planned system will be easily adaptable, cost-effective and comprehensive in terms of different types of fabrics and defects identified.

The system will be compatible with all types of cameras that are compliant with the GenICam standard, whose aim is to provide a generic programming interface for all kinds of cameras.

Resolvo is in charge of financial management activities of SOLE – CUT.