Tuscany RP ERDF 2021-2017: Updated calendar of calls for tenders

The Managing Authority of the Tuscany Region’s ERDF PR 2021-2027 has updated the calendar of call for proposals for the year 2023.

Below the overview of the forthcoming calls, in red the differences from the provisions communicated earlier on this year:


Interventions Beneficiaries Plafond Opening date Closure date
Innovation services Micro and SMEs 30M€ Apr/ Jun-23 to exhaustion of resources
R&D for companies and research organisations Micro and SMEs, Large companies in associations with SMEs 100M€ Jul/ Sept-23 Oct-23
Support for SMEs – productive investments Micro and SMEs 10M€ Jul/ Sept-23 to exhaustion of resources
Innovative Start-ups Micro and SMEs 11,87M€ Oct/ Dec-23 to exhaustion of resources
Support for SMEs – export Micro and SMEs 23M€ Oct/ Dec-23 to exhaustion of resources


More information and updates are expected at the event to be held on 31 MAY 2023 (9.30 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.) at PALAZZO DEGLI AFFARI, P.zza Adua, 1, 50123 Florence:



The new measures co-financed by the Region of Tuscany for the competitiveness of enterprises

(PR Fesr 2021-2027)


See you there!