TRINNO partners discover Tuscany

Almost 12 months after the start of the project, TRINNO partners are gathered together in Tuscany in these days to assess the worked carried out so far after 1 year of project activities.

First year was devoted to the business support ecosystem analysis, having as main output a specific report. From this starting point, year 2 will be dedicated to digital innovation services in the local economy.

The meeting in Tuscany marks the transition to this focus and during the meeting TRINNO partners had  a global overview of how digital innovation is approached  in Tuscany.

During day 1 in Arezzo, Albino Caporale, Regional Government of Tuscany Director for Production, presented the “Industry 4.0” regional strategy, partners visited the headquarters of Arezzo Innovation and met some local entrepreneurs.

The second day in Florence TRINNO partners were brought back to school thanks to the study visit organised at the ISIA Institute in Florence, a University Institute specialised in product design and communication, and visited the Artisan Pole “Convetino” and Artex , Center for artistic and traditional crafts in Tuscany.

To finish up with, partners were involved in an intense participative workshop,  basis for the upcoming months work to do to develop regional action plans.
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