The CYBER partners (and Resolvo!) meet at the European Cyber Week

The 9 European partners of the Interreg Europe CYBER project were invited to the European Cyber Week in Rennes for their first in person meeting after the pandemic. The meeting gave them the chance to assess results after 4 years of successful cooperation. The key role of regions was highlighted particularly in connection with their impact on an effective coordination of the cyber ecosystems at local level and fruitful interaction at European level. The aim is to strengthen the competitiveness of the European offer and to raise awareness among end users, thus helping the growth of the European market for cybersecurity solutions.

Furthermore, partners could make the most of the interesting programme of the European Cyber week, a major cybersecurity event with over 4000 players of the French and European ecosystem.
Resolvo participated both to support the project in terms of management and coordination but also to gain an insight into this key event dedicated to cybersecurity in Europe.