February 11, 2019by Paolo Frosini

TANIA climbing the stairway to success with the 3-Steps Action Plan

TANIA partners met up in Pécs (5-6 February) for two days of exchange on their shared theme: how to support uptake of innovative technologies for remediation of contaminated soil and water.

After exactly two years of work, during which partners have looked in detail at the various regional contexts and the opportunities presented by (nano)remediation technologies, TANIA is getting closer to the end of Phase 1. Against the background of a wide set of good practices that could be transferred from one region to another, we have now started transforming knowledge into concrete actions to improve our policy instruments.

Representatives of the 5 regions in the TANIA partnership took part in a series of interactive workshops, where they exchange ideas about how their Action Plans are being developed. The 3-step-template takes them through this process, one piece at a time, leading up to a final document that will show how real change can be made in their regions.

The stairway to success is long, and sometimes hard on our legs, but partners are getting closer to the top!

Next stop: Nancy (FR), May 2019.

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash