May 31, 2019by Pietro Collini

Ready, steady, go! Final dash for the TANIA project

In the elegant Nancy (FR), on 28-29 May representatives from the 5 participating regions of the TANIA project met to continue the course towards supporting innovative technologies for environmental remediation.

During the first morning session, regional stakeholders presented innovative remediation solutions currently being experimented, directed to reclaim contaminated soils and waters. In addition to the technical-scientific implications, some relevant policy strategies devoted to funding remediation projects were shared. The session continued the exchange of experience begun more than 2 years ago and examined the opportunity to expand cooperation among the partners at regional level, even beyond the framework of TANIA itself.

The meeting proceeded with a series of interactive workshops, organised and moderated by Resolvo, where the participants discussed in depth crucial aspects of the final Action Plan. More precisely, they compared the transferred Good Practices, the activities to be planned, the stakeholders’ roles and the financial dimension of their plans. The Action Plan will be the final project output, outlining the roadmap leading to improved regional policy instruments supporting (nano)remediation.

In about 6 months, the first phase of TANIA will come to an end and partners will initiate the implementation of what elaborated along the last 3 years. To do this, a final dash is essential to wrap up their Action Plans.

The finish line is traced in Lahti in November 2019.