SET-UP: over 6 years of cooperation and not feeling it!

When cooperation is successful, meeting partners again after over 3 years is like meeting an old friend: it feels like no time has passed by.

This was the overall feeling that accompanied the final SET-UP meeting in Bretagne (FR). A chance to look back at the past, share information about the present and debate on the future.

Looking at the past, partners assessed a cooperation that started in 2016 and that clearly helped them increase skills at personal, professional and organisation level.

Activities carried out during the Interreg Europe 5th call gave them the chance to work at regional level on a key topic for Europe: balancing the grid. No matter if the focus is on hydrogen-based solution, battery storage or other technologies, the key aspect to remember is that learning from more experienced regions that can bring successful solutions can accelerate the entire process for everyone.

And well, the future…partners discussed the REPowerEU plan and shared their views. Ideas for the long term emerged and many conclusions could be drawn. However, it is perhaps worth focusing on the most relevant short-term one: an increased effort on the part of public organisations and agencies to explain (in an effective and easy way!) to citizens and businesses how to save energy and why this can make a real difference.

As usual, Resolvo organised and moderated the exchange sessions, providing also support for all technical and financial reporting activities.