Resolvo at the ELASTIC final event

On 1st June 2022, Resolvo participated in the Final Event of the Horizon 2020 project ELASTIC in Florence.

ELASTIC developed a software architecture incorporating a new elasticity concept for smart systems, as the technological basis for advanced mobility systems and autonomous transport networks. ELASTIC helps to control the correct execution of applications and the correct management of operations in a geo-distributed infrastructure located in a smart city context, fulfilling real-time, energy, communication and security properties.

In this framework, ELASTIC carried-out multiple tests in Florence, collecting and processing huge amounts of data coming from a large set of sensors distributed along the Florence tramway network.

This sounds rather complex, doesn’t it?! Yet, it has very practical implications on our daily lives. Every time we catch a tram, a train, or a subway in our cities, ELASTIC’s concept can help significantly improve safety, regularity and reliability of the service. This is crucial to deliver more efficient and high-quality mobility services, thus supporting the shift to more sustainable transport modes and improving air quality and liveability of our cities.

While Resolvo did not take part in the ambitious R&D work of ELASTIC, we were indirectly involved in this project, supporting some of the partners in their financial reporting activities and in the preparation for the final project audit. Given the complexity of project’s work and the demanding activities and investments for all partners, financial reporting was a challenging task too.

As such, we were glad to take part in the final event of the project, listening to the experiences of project partners and catching a glimpse of the extraordinary work carried-out by the ELASTIC consortium.