MIDA and SOLE-CUT – two MANUNET projects meet

Today, the final event of the project SOLE-CUT – Shape memory alloys for stone machining and computer aided technology – cofounded by MANUNET 2012, was held at Frosini Pietre (Tuscany).

Mecoil Diagnosi Meccaniche, Coordinator of MIDA – Machine Intelligence Diagnosis Automation, also funded by MANUNET 2012, attended the event.

The meeting offered great insights on what are the similarities and dissimilarities of the two projects.

Interesting proposals for future collaborations have been speculated, identifying interesting research topics.


Resolvo is technology partner of the MIDA project, coordinator of communication and active support of the partner Lead for all management activities; regarding SOLE-CUT, Resolvo is subcontractor for the management and dissemination.


We are confident that there will be opportunities for future collaboration between the companies involved in these two projects!

For more project information, visit the websites of SOLE-CUT and MIDA.