MARIE: going out in style!

MARIE partners have been working together for 6 years and the project now draws to a close.

When we started, the topic of Responsible Innovation (RI) was still in its early stages, particularly when taking about RI and public policy.

MARIE was a pioneer in this field. Throughout the project our partners been taken real steps to making their Smart Specialisation Strategies more sustainable, inclusive and ethical. But don’t just take our word for it…see here what the partners themselves thought!

In this last year of activities, we didn’t slow down! New ideas right to the end. We concluded with a brand new tool, co-created with OECD CFE, representing a self-assessment framework to monitor and evaluate incorporation of RI into smart specialisation strategies. The Framework is available here; ready to be put into action in regions across Europe.

Resolvo is proud to have been with MARIE in every step of the way!