June 13, 2016by Sara Banchi

RESOLVO FFW – SME Instrument for SMEs working in ICT and NMP

Are you an SME working in the ICT or NMP sectors?

Europe can support your innovative idea with two different calls on these themes:

Specific Challenge: The challenge is to provide support to a large set of high risk innovative Startups and SMEs in the ICT sector. Focus will be on companies proposing disruptive ICT concepts, products and services applying new sets of rules, values and models which ultimately create new markets (e.g. by tackling non consumption) or disrupt existing markets.

The objective of the ODI is threefold:

  1. Nurture promising innovative and disruptive ideas;
  2. Support their prototyping, validation and demonstration in real world conditions;
  3. Help for wider deployment or market uptake.

Proposed projects should have a potential for disruptive innovation and fast market up-take. In particular it will be interesting for entrepreneurs and young innovative SMEs, including start-ups that are looking for swift support to their innovative ideas.

Specific Challenge: Research results should be taken up by industry, harvesting the hitherto untapped potential of nanotechnologies, advanced materials and advanced manufacturing and processing technologies. The goal is to create added value by creatively combining existing research results with other necessary elements, to transfer results across sectors where applicable, to accelerate innovation and eventually create profit or other benefits. The research should bring the technology and production to industrial readiness and maturity for commercialisation after the project.

Want to know more?

Join us at WeWork Devonshire Square in London, from 4th to 8th July for the RESOLVO Free Feasibility Week.