ICT solutionsJanuary 11, 2017by Paolo FrosiniLivorno Port Center

Livorno Port Center

Livorno Port Center is an educational center with an interactive multimedia lab, a library and a vessel showroom. The Port Center explains how a port works, enabling city inhabitants to grasp and understand the socio-economic importance of port activity in their region. It presents a multi-sectorial, themed approach which takes into account the challenges facing the port-city, the context of globalisation, and the complexity of the links between different port activities. Livorno Port Center is conceived as a tool for education and information using the approach of edutainment and the organization of hands-on experiences.
Resolvo, contracted by the Livorno Port Authority and the Livorno Province and in partnership with Space Spa, realised the web infrastructure of the Livorno Port Center:
– the Port Center virtual tour, powered by Duccio Agresti
– the simulation of an interactive table interactive table (Italian Only)
– the Port Center web site, powered by Keyidea