Local GrantsJuly 1, 2014by Giuseppe CiarlieroInternational cooperation reform

Resolvo srl participated in the debate “Riforma della cooperazione internazionale: Comuni e territori” (International Cooperation Reform: Local Councils and Territories) organised by ANCI Toscana, Regione Toscana e EUAP Onlus on the 30th June at Saloncino delle Murate in Florence.

Participants discussed reform of the law “Disciplina generale sulla cooperazione internazionale per lo sviluppo” (“General discipline on International cooperation and development”). The draft law (approved by the Italian Senate on 25 June 2014) updates the Italian system of cooperation system (27 years since the previous law!) and adapts it to cooperation models in partner countries.

The draft law, currently under examination by the Italian Chamber of Deputies, will create an Agency for cooperation and development and a new form of governance for cooperation. The system will be coordinated by the Interministerial committee for international cooperation and development.

Giorgio Tonini, member of the Italian Senate and speaker for the law, was present at the debate.

Link to the event

Draft law approved by the Senate