September 11, 2014by Francesca Martemucci

How can we make the EU a better place for SMEs? Commission seeks SMEs views

What do SMEs in Europe need from future EU policy? This is the core question of a consultation the Commission launched to help upgrade the EU’s Small Business Act (SBA).

The SBA – a wide-ranging set of measures designed to make life easier for small companies – has already proved to be a good basis for SME policy. As it is built upon the exchange of best practices, support for internationalisation and entrepreneurship as well as access to finance (implemented via the financing instruments of CIP and COSME), it encourages EU countries to take up effective solutions that have worked elsewhere and to come up with equally good ideas themselves.

The public consultation launched today seeks further input from all interested parties, including entrepreneurs and business organisations, to help the European Commission ensure the SBA is fit to meet future challenges.

As public consultations launched by the Commission remain open for 12 weeks, this consultation will close on 15/12/2014.

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