February 20, 2015by Giuseppe Ciarliero

Horizon 2020 for energy-efficiency projects

A new Energy-efficiency Call is currently open in 14 areas. Deadline for submission of proposals is 4 June 2015.


Concerning previous call (closing last 5 June 2014) a total of 45 new energy-efficiency project (covering 34 countries) have just been launched with funding from the Horizon 2020 programme.

The European Commission contributes a total of €72 million to these projects with a view to creating an energy landscape that is cleaner, affordable, more competitive and more secure.

The European Commission had received 393 proposals for research, innovation and market-uptake projects by the call’s closing date on 5 June 2014. Independent experts determined that 85 of the proposals met the evaluation standard. The best 45 (or 53 % of the proposals ranked above the threshold) were selected for funding.

The new projects will be managed by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) which is responsible for the Horizon 2020 Energy-efficiency calls.