GINEVRA partners in Ptuj for the 2nd project meeting

On the 7th and 8th of November, GINEVRA Project partners met for the 2nd Partner Meeting in Ptuj, Slovenia, hosted by the local partner ZRS Bistra Ptuj.

The meeting began with a session dedicated to sharing the progress achieved in the first project period. The territorial partners involved, discussed the characteristics and peculiarities of their cities, which will be future sites of the pilot actions, and reported the experiences of their local events organised to engage stakeholders and citizens.

The partners then discussed the challenges related to the tender to select the autonomous vehicle provider for the pilot action and proposed solutions proactively.

The first meeting day ended with an interactive activity on collecting and devising stakeholder engagement methodologies, in which each partner could share inputs and examples based their experiences.

On the second day, the partners moved to Ljubljana to participate in a study visit organised by the Ljubljana-based company AV Living Lab, in the impressive Crystal Palace of Lubiana. The company, which focuses on advanced technology, data and digital infrastructure for mobility, shared their experience following the demo installation of an autonomous vehicle in the city. GINEVRA partners identified numerous insights and ideas that could be applied to the project.

This second project meeting brought the partners closer to achieving the first set of goals of the project and provided a new opportunity for cooperation and collaboration among them.

The next meeting will take place in June 2024 in Vienna, and the partners are already working on its organisation!