July 12, 2016by Sara Banchi

Resolvo FFW: innovative ideas in a collaborative environment

The Resolvo Free Feasibility Week has been a great opportunity to assess innovative ideas and discuss future partnerships in London. A model to be exported soon in other European countries!

WeWork Devonshire Sq hosted the event providing a friendly environment, which encouraged collaborative approaches and cooperation.

Attendees, who gathered in Devonshire Square, learnt more about the funding opportunities offered by H2020 (SME Instrument) and InnovateUK (Open Funding Competition).


To name but a few, we met Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer experts from Highbury Limited, who developed processes to guide and support businesses and Universities from pre-launch stage to commercialisation of their products.


Focusing on a completely different industry, Floating Homes Limited presented their innovative ideas for the design and construction of floating and flood resilient housing. In June 2016, their first prototype house, built using newly developed sustainable technologies, was inaugurated in the Chichester canal.

Thanks to guided exercises focusing on their value propositions, we identified funding opportunities to be explored in the near future.




Moving from product development and commercialisation to broader cooperation opportunities at EU level, the meeting with True-Bridge Consultancy was lively and thought-provoking.  Their ideas and solutions concerning the key role of Blue Economy are perfectly in line with current EU priorities. Their approach based on a strong partnership between the Public Sector, the Private Sectors, Universities and Research Centres operating in this field is well worth considering with a view to developing future synergies and project proposals.

If you are interested in our business canvas approach for project development but could not join us in London, just have a look at the SME topics now and contact us!