ERDF Funds and Internships

Tuscany Region has approved today a resolution that forces companies receiving ERDF and ESF funds for at least 100,000 Euros to activate at least one internship.

The obligation does not apply in the case of contributions lower than 100,000 Euros or received in form of tax relief. In addition, companies placed in crisis areas are excluded.

The resolution is based on the criterion of proportionality: for a contribution of at least 100,000 euro companies should activate of at least one internship; for a contribution of at least 200,000 if they will have to activate two, and so on. Businesses that do not meet this requirement will lose the contribution of 10%.

The internships must have a duration of six months, if they involve young people aged at least 18 who have completed their compulsory education, or 12, in the case of young graduates. Internships will be paid EUR 500 per month and will be excluded from any other regional contribution.