Images from the Interregional Cooperation for Energy Transition in Florence

The Interregional Cooperation for Energy Transition took place on the 27 June 2018 in Florence, an important event on the topic of energy transition offering significant insights on future challenges. The report summarising the main outcomes from the event will be available soon.

In the meantime, please have a look at the pictures and the final award ceremony video of the competition among the 14 Interreg Europe projects Business Cases.

Images that tell how all participants took part actively in the two sessions of competition and project presentation, and in the constructive work of sharing, exchanging and debating during the three workshop sessions.

A big “thank you” once again to all the Interreg Europe participants and presenters that showed the distinctive elements that make them unique tools of development towards a sustainable economy with lower CO2 emissions:

  • Adriano Raddi for BIO4ECO project
  • Carlos Serra for BUILD2LC project
  • Ianire Renobales for CLEAN project
  • Bartosz Dubiński for EMPOWER project
  • Javier Ordóñez Muñoz for ENERSELVES e FINERPOL projects
  • Carla Pires for LOCARBO  project
  • Aurélien Parsy for MOLOC project
  • Sergio Gatteschi for REBUS project
  • Sara Minisini for SET-UP project
  • Ryan Weber for Social Green project
  • Karl-Ludwig Schibel for SUPPORT project
  • Luminita Mihailov for VIOLET project
  • Tea Potočnik for ZEROCO2 project