Discovering Space with STEPHANIE

The 19th and 20th July STEPHANIE project partners and their stakeholders gathered in Düsseldorf (DE), for Interregional Learning Event of the additional activities.

On first day, all project regions presented to the other regions in the partnership their final proposal for policy change, together with the involved stakeholders.

We had the opportunity to visit DLR – German Aerospace Center in Cologne. We visited the amazing European Astronaut Centre:  home to ESA’s astronaut corps, it is the European centre of excellence for astronaut selection, training, and support. We visited the spaces where European astronauts train and get ready to travel in the space. We also did visit the Microgravity User Support Center (MUSC), the Institute of Aerospace Medicine and the High-Flux Solar Furnace and the Solar Simulator.

On second day STEPHANIE’s workshop was dedicated to the project steering group. The hosting partner presented the Aerospace.NRW, one of the results of the STEPHANIE project. Whit this, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has launched a new network for the aerospace industry.

All project regions presented their final proposals for policy change and expected next activities, together with involved stakeholders. Project will conclude at the end of August 2022, stay tuned for final results.